C.F. Koehler’s 10 meter Sally

If you love old wooden boats like I do, then you’ll love tooling around a boat yard. Koehler Kraft Boat Works, located on Shelter Island, is the hub of wood boat repair in San Diego. The boat works owner, C.F. Koehler, recently hauled out his 10-meter sloop Sally for extensive restoration work to her frames and hull planks. Sally is among the last four remaining Burgess designed 10-meters, from an original fleet of 14, built in the mid-1920s by Abeking and Rasmussen of Bremen, Germany. Commissioned by a group of New York Yacht Club members, the 10-meter fleet was designed for comfortable, yet competitive long-distance racing. Sally’s sister boat Branta also calls San Diego home, and the two can be seen going head-to-head in classic boat regattas. A third 10 meter, Blue Goddess, is currently being restored in Raleigh, North Carolina joining the 4th known surviving 10-meter Twilight on the east coast.

Sally is 59’ LOA, with a 36’ LWL, displaces 55,000 lbs, and has 1400 sq. ft. of sail area on a fractional rig. Her hull is of Honduras mahogany, and alternating steam bent oak and cold-formed steel angles make up the frames. Even sitting in the barn at the Koehler yard, with huge chunks of her hull removed, she looks every bit the thoroughbred. Stay tune, as I’ll be posting progress shots of her retrofit over the coming months. You can check out video of C.F. cutting into her hull with a skill saw here –http://www.koehlerkraft.com/In_the_Yard/Pages/Sally%3A_10-Meter_Sloop.html

Sailing to the Coronado Islands, circa 2005.

In the barn at Koehler Boat Works.

Closer look at her frames.

View of her topside and 10-foot beam.

Starboard planks removed.

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  1. Posted January 5, 2015 at 11:41 am by Mort Robinson | Permalink

    Is Branta still domiciled on the West Coast? This web site claims that she and Blue Goddess are one and the same, and has her for sale:


    My parents owned and lived aboard the Branta from early 1942 ’til early 1945.

    Best regards — Mort Robinson, near Greenville, SC

  2. Posted January 5, 2015 at 2:33 pm by admin | Permalink

    Hi Mort,
    The only 10-meter I know to be named Branta is homeported in San Diego, along with her sister ship Sally. Here’s a link to a video of her my buddy shot a couple years ago – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17PZOxEFCJU. Blue Goddess was moved from, I believe, Minnesota to her current locale a couple years ago by Denny Reid. He intended to bring her back but he passed away before work could begin. Branta is actively sailed, well maintained, and currently listed for sale by her owner Richard Reineman. Email: rreineman@gmail.com. Sounds like your folks owned her during an interesting period. I would love to hear more and see some pictures. Glad we connected. – Mark Albertazzi http://www.markalbertazzi.com

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